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  • We just closed a deal thanks to Machinio and added many customers to our database. They are very fast in adding all of our machines and very easy to use. They are a nice team.
  • Machinio has a very efficient system. Definitively better than other advertisers for us. The only thing you have to do to ensure your results is to respond quickly when you receive a lead. I accelerated the response time to less than half an hour and it made all the difference between success and failure. I recommend Machinio for sure!
    Luc Paquette
  • Our first sale of equipment listed on the Machinio website already paid for the service.
    Jose Lozano, President VIDA BEM LLC
  • Machinio introduced me to new customers in markets I've never been able to reach. It's added a complimentary avenue of customers that other marketing avenues are not providing.
    David, Zeppelin CAT (Germany)
  • Working with Machinio.com has been great! We began listing equipment on Machinio in June 2014 and within 4 months, closed over 10 deals to clients that were new to us.
    Rodrigo, Perry Videx (USA)
  • In 2017 we sold 4 Kalmar Reachstacker worth Euro 600,000 to the Philippines. We are happy about the new customer who announced that he'll likely buy again in the future.
    Tomas Gonzales, Norgatec (Germany)
  • After a year with you I realized I don't want to save money - I need to pay for good advertising and with Machinio - it's good investment.
    StankoSila, Ltd (Russia)
  • We have been receiving great leads from Machinio, resulting in 2 incremental sales from new customers this past quarter, plus adding valuable new overseas customers to our database. The deals have been smooth and it is a pleasure to work with Machinio.
  • We have been working with Machinio since they first started and have always been very pleased to work with any of their staff members. Over the years, we have received numerous qualified buyers that have purchased equipment thanks to our listings on Machinio. Highly recommend their services!
    Christoper Barton, Carter-Wilson (Canada)
  • Machinio has helped us sell many machines over the last couple of years! Thank you! Keep up the good work!
    Elena Rodriguez, Teycomur (Spain)
  • The profit I made on the first piece of equipment I sold made it a no-brainer. I've done a half-million to a million dollars in equipment sales on the site. It's connective tissue between buyers and sellers.
    Chris Hulse, CDO, Blue Line Rental (USA)
  • I've been happier with Machinio in the past 3 months, than I've ever been​ with other platforms in the last 3 years!
    Lenssen Trading (The Netherlands)
  • Machinio has found us many new people, about five or six of which we have closed in six months’ time, and we were able to cover their reasonable fee in the first deal!
  • Machinio is the best bang for your buck in advertising.
    Russel, Zensen Construction (USA)
  • Machinio has done a great job for us. What I like most is that there is no work. With other website advertising services that we have used I have to enter all of the equipment on my own. Machinio takes care of all of that and we recently sold a machine for $150K.
    Jeff, Silverlight CNC (USA)
  • We've made sales through Machinio, I like that they present the location and broaden our reach. Their price is lower, they have great customer service and, most importantly, they provide legitimate buyers. You see A LOT of scammers out there, but not with Machinio.
    Jeff Sloan, Sloan Implement (USA)
  • Machinio has been our top performer in connecting us with buyers all over the world. We believe in marketing through as many channels as possible and Machinio has expanded our reach to potential buyers far beyond our expectations. Keep up the great work! Did I tell you I love you guys! We’re getting lots of activity thanks to you guys. We can see the amount of inquiries we’re answering growing all the time. We get all kinds of inquiries and your fee gets paid by sales in no more than two months. It was worth every penny.
    Dave, Champion Trading (USA)
  • Machinio has been a welcome addition to our Marketing and Advertising strategy! From initial setup, to the analytics and especially the quality of leads we receive. Our efforts are supported, I trust that we are getting the exposure we need and the system runs flawlessly thus far without manual monitoring. I appreciate the communication and the support and I am looking forward to seeing the success grow!
    Cassidy Cook, Marketing Specialist, Brandt Tractor (Canada)
  • I've been advertising with Auto Trader and Kijiji for a very long time selling trucks and trailers. Machinio first approached me to pay up front for the entire year. I signed up and I must confess, it was an easy transition with the help from their team. In the first week, I made two sales from two new buyers through Machinio.
    Jim, Truck X-Change (Canada)


  • I purchase 3-6 tractors a year and there is no doubt that Machinio is my number one choice for quality equipment. I may spend a couple hundred dollars more for shipping but the saving and quality are well worth it. Best selection of dealers and equipment on the market.
    Mike (Orangeville, Ontario, Canada)
  • I really think its a good service and enjoy it.
    Gary (Rio de mouro, Portugal)
  • Machinio has stayed in touch with me to find out how my experience with this seller was going, A stand-up company.
    Martin (Kinston, North Carolina, United States)

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